Perantucci PT-40 Tuba Mouthpiece, silver plated

Perantucci PT-40 Tuba Mouthpiece, silver plated


Cup Diameter: 32.00 mm
Rim: 7.2 mm
Throat bore: 8.7 mm

The Perantucci PT-40 is a revolution for large-bore rotary-valve F-tubas.  The cup diameter of 32.00 mm is the same as that of our proven models such as the PT-64 and PT-65. In contrast, the cup is deep and elongated, with a mild transition into the throat.  The rim is narrow, with a clearly pronounced inner edge. The throat bore, 8.7 Mm, is exceptional for an F-tuba mouthpiece.  The result is a amazingly full and resonant sound, a particularly good low register, balanced intonation and easy high register.  Make the “German Orchestral F-Tuba Sound” part of your life!

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All Perantucci mouthpieces can be ordered gold plated on request.