Kühnl & Hoyer "Bart van Lier" 500" Trombone

Kühnl & Hoyer "Bart van Lier" 500" Trombone


Bart van Lier Bb-Tenor Trombone “.500“:

“This is the instrument featuring all of Bart´s ideas of the perfect jazz trombone, but with a slightly larger bore. The 500” bore is established as one of the favorite sizes among jazz players, and this instrument has the same bore size as the Bach 12, and lies in between the 2B and 3B.


bell Ø ...195 mm (7.677”)

bore ....... 12.7 mm (0.500”)

nickel silver slide

curved grip brace on the slide

gold lacquer

mouthpiece ............. KÜHNL Bart van Lier 8E

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