Polar Brass is fully owned by me, Petter Utne Børrehaug. I have been trading musical instruments for 25 years, and now I am launching my first online store. Polar Brass is not a place looking for bargains, nor cheap instruments from Far East. The business is based on my genuine interest for handcraft and quality. In the last 20 years, I have been traveling around Europe and met many craftsmen who today I can call my friends.

Under the umbrella “POLAR BRASS”, I will offer an own line of brass instruments consisting of unique masterpieces only, as well as instruments and accessories from world class suppliers.

When buying an instrument from POLAR BRASS, I surely understand the need for the customer to have it tested in calm and familiar surroundings. On stock instruments, I always offer the possibility to bring it home for some days for a test play in familiar surroundings.

Many of my customers have special wishes and needs, and I will be happy to try to fulfill these. My network of brass magicians is able to build an instrument exactly as you want it.


Petter Utne Børrehaug